I keep imagining wolves
They populate the doodles I draw
They wander in and out of my vision
Not really there
But I can’t convince myself that they’re not…
Right in front of me

I grew up thinking of wolves as
Guardians of some sort
Protection from a nightmare

I worry
Why are they appearing
In my waking vision
If they are becoming a reality to me
Is the nightmare coming with them?
I don’t want my life to be a nightmare



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I like watching movies with a lot of traveling and personal excitement around finals time because these are the times I realize the most that I can’t really go anywhere


Note to Self

Quit staring at the clouds

They can’t save your score

Neither can the words

That only come to mind

When the cost of time is high

This ain’t the day to be frivolous 




I wish I could sing
To serenade the moon and make it swoon
I want to reverberate through the room
For once I’d be heard
I want my heartbeat to drive a melody
That could pull me from my melancholy
I want my do-ops to open the windows
And let love in like sunlight in the springtime
If only my voice could resonate
Find another soul set on my frequency
Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the pipes
To sing straight from the heart


“There’s nothing I’m afraid of like scared people.” Robert Frost. (via quotedojo)


Stars Fell On Alabama (Cover) by Daniela Andrade x Hanbyul Kang

So if you haven’t already figured it out, Hanbyul has the kinda voice that takes you to another time but boy am I glad he exists in this era and that I was able to get together and make a video with him. Please check out his channel/patreon and support some amazing, amazing talent!




Dried Up

Mummified has got to be the way to describe it
I find myself drying up in these layers
Of anger and faded hope
No refreshment
Can’t move
I feel as if I’m dead sometimes
So paralyzing is this trap
I created it too
I chose to be here struggling for each forward step
Feeling more brittle by the hour
Hoping not to snap
And it’s all my fault


every day

every day

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“Confusion is always the most honest response.” Marty Indik. (via quotedojo)

Magic Portrait

Looks like the painting on the wall
Is beginning to absorb the world around it
What a wonderful portrait
That gathers from all
Around to return a shiny new perspective
In case we’ve lost sight of the whole picture

I shined a light at the painting
The colors spread into oblivion in
Cascading whorls of infinite hues
If only I had an eye for those
I would find a brush, paint shimmering summers
And do Van Gogh proud

Is this my lack of sleep?
The longer I stare the the closer it creeps
The image is burning its centuries
Into my blood and lingering in my arteries
With fantastic warmth and color
That even the summer sun could not
Penetrate into my ruddy skin



Summer Classes

I’ve been taking the sun for granted lately
Letting all the stress and such pains
Jilt me of my appreciation of each day
I feel like I’ve been tricked out of a happier life
By the life I chose for myself
But how can that be?
I want to know why I can’t see past
My problems into where my joy is waiting




Sometimes it seems like time
Is pretending not to obscure my friendships
Then suddenly wiping away a facade
Leaving the intimacy of who we were
But it’s intimacy between strangers
It petrifies me that the thought crosses my mind
That this isn’t worth holding on to


“The end result of kindness is that it draws people to you.” Anita Roddick. (via quotedojo)
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